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Good afternoon, Roundup readers! Did you miss us? We have missed you, and of course we have missed sharing the current happenings on the PurseForum. It has been a long and busy few months, and we are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and keeping you updated on what’s going on in our favorite fashion hangout. We dropped right into Hermès, Chloé, Dior, and Balenciaga, and we also have a few quick reveals from around the forum to get back into the swing. Thanks for coming along!

Lets start out right, with a visit to Chanel.

PurseForum truism: Our Chanel members never disappoint. We never fail to find amazing photographs in this subforum, and it really is a delight to stumble upon a pair of beauties like these two chevron Mini Flaps from tweetie102605. This thread is full of photographs, including modeling shots, so if you are a fan of the brand, you will not want to miss it.

The bar for photographs is particularly high in Chanel, and ailuja did not disappoint when she revealed her very first Chanel this week.

Audrelhr shared an interesting Boy wallet this week, and our resident Chanel experts are trying to track down the color, which has an iridescent quality that really adds a special element to this piece.

Chanel is one of our busiest destinations over at the PurseForum, so we hope you will pay us a visit. There is a massive pre-owned market for this brand, and our members consistently find vintage and slightly older bags that are truly as good as new. If you love the style but are not sure about the price tag, you may be pleasantly surprised–our library is full of tips and information about this “other” source for this iconic brand.

In Hermès, scarves caught our eye this week. It started with a visit to the bags and scarves thread, where we found GNIPPOH’s perfectly matched ensemble, and where you will find many more fabulous scarves matched with even more fabulous bags. We also have a thread dedicated to Hermès’s Spring 2017 scarves, and even better, our members model their scarves of the day in this themed thread. The themes for the year are on page one, so if you are a “scarfie” looking for a place to share, we have you covered!

Also in Hermès, ninunani picked up a gorgeous Birkin in malachite green, a flawless color! There are lots more new Hermès goodies in our New Purchases thread. These threads are part of nearly every subforum and are a great way to catch up on which bags, shoes, scarves, and other accessories are in the inventory of your favorite brand!

In Chloé, Rhl2897 shared the love for her new and quite delightful Nile, whose interesting statement hardware looks terrific on this blue bag. This new hardware is proving to be extremely wearable and popular with our members. We are seeing a lot of Niles popping on the PurseForm, and can report that the pre-launch chatter had our members good and ready when the bags hit the boutiques.

Also this week, Vanilla_addict showed of her Nile minaudière, a cute little bag that works well with the oversized ring. This would be a great bag to carry at a summer garden party, wedding, or graduation. (Yes, our calendar is filling up! Is yours?)

We found another example of this super little bag in barkcheejai’s reveal thread, which includes great photos. Also, our members have started lots of discussions on the new Nile front and center right on page one of our Chloé subforum. From the looks of it, this brand has another winner on its hands.

Over in Balenciaga, we are perusing some of the latest offerings, some of which have recently made it into the mainstream media, owing to their similarity to (ahem) other things. If you are not quite up-to-date with this conversation, take a look at the Blanket Bag thread and enjoy our members’ takes on this inarguably utilitarian tote. Fashion can be so entertaining! But, no rain, no rainbows, and this thread is a classic illustration of why we love the PurseForum.

Balenciaga fan Kusuromax took one for the Balenciaga team and marched right to the boutique to see for herself what these bags are all about, bravely modeling several and posting pictures for us all to enjoy. Thank you Kusuromax! You can also visit this thread for more of Demna Gvasalia’s latest styles for Balenciaga Fall 2017, or peek into our lively conversation on new shopper totes.

Next up, a quick Roundup-within-a-Roundup of some of this week’s reveals from around the Forum.

Nashpoo picked up her first Balenciaga, and while we love a splash of color from this brand, we also love the rich and lovely neutrals, like this soft camel with nickel hardware and metallic edge.

While we were all doing Easter, Passover and spring break, PleasantBagaholic picked up this stunning Bottega Veneta 50th anniversary Karung Giardino Cabat, which certainly caught our attention. This glorious version of the BV’s iconic tote will certainly be a great accessory all spring and summer (and beyond).

In Dior, we found a double reveal from fashion_junky, a shimmering duo of a Diorama and card case. Quite a few members have been visiting Dior recently for advice on a purchase, so if you are thinking about a new classic Dior, visit this busy subforum to get some input from our resident experts.

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Lovers + Friends x REVOLVE The Slip Dress

Lovers + Friends & REVOLVE design a fully lined slip dress

With plenty of parties ahead this season, it can be a challenge to dress up in style for those warm weather months. And that’s where the slip dress comes in. Lovers + Friends teamed up with REVOLVE for this breezy maxi dress featuring thin spaghetti straps. Simply called The Slip Dress, this design is not only fully lined but features an open back. Button closures at the back also add a special touch. This slip dress goes perfectly with a strappy pair of stilettos or a chunky platform heel. 


With an open back, this Slip Dress includes button-embellishmentsWith an open back, The Slip Dress includes button-fasteningsThe Slip Dress also comes in a peachy hueThe Slip Dress also comes in a peachy hue

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Bottega Veneta Asia-Only Butterfly Collection

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Not many would know this, but the butterfly has been synonymous with Italian luxury house Bottega Veneta since the 70s, and here’s a fun fact not many of you might have realised. If you’re ever on Bottega Veneta’s online site, its favicon is actually a butterfly, as opposed to logos that most other brands would usually use.


Last making an appearance on the house’s leather goods back in 2013, the beautifully winged insect is back with an Asian-exclusive collection all its own that will only be offered at selected boutiques in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. From bags to small leather goods, every piece in this collection is uniquely different, with butterflies interpreted in different ways. From delicate cut-outs that are applied onto BV’s iconic Intrecciato leather to other pieces featuring the most delicate of embroidery techniques, there is definitely something for everyone especially if you love all things in various shades of pink.


Available exclusively from today (28 April 2017) at Bottega Veneta ION Orchard, these one-off limited edition pieces should set your heart (or your Mum’s, since Mother’s Day around the corner) aflutter.

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Madewell Oversized Jean Jacket, Embroidered Vacation Tee and 9” High-Rise Skinny Crop JeansMadewell Oversized Jean Jacket, Embroidered Vacation Tee and 9” High-Rise Skinny Crop Jeans

When it comes to warm weather season, looking for the perfect balance between comfort and style is key. Luckily, Madewell offers up some inspiration for spring with the launch of its latest style guide. Model Liu Wen takes on casual shirting, essential denim and cool sneakers for the shoot. Paired with statement earrings and leather bags, these ensembles are perfect for the new season.


Madewell Timeoff Tank Top, Denim Zip-Front Midi Skirt and adidas Unisex Stan Smith Lace-Up SneakersMadewell Timeoff Tank Top, Denim Zip-Front Midi Skirt and adidas Unisex Stan Smith Lace-Up SneakersMadewell Courier Button-Back Shirt and Fluidform Statement EarringsMadewell Courier Button-Back Shirt and Fluidform Statement EarringsMadewell Plaid Tie-Back Top, Wide-Leg Crop Jeans and Tretorn Rawlins3 SneakersMadewell Plaid Tie-Back Top, Wide-Leg Crop Jeans and Tretorn Rawlins3 SneakersMadewell Oversized Jean Jacket and 9” High-Rise Skinny Crop JeansMadewell Oversized Jean Jacket and 9” High-Rise Skinny Crop JeansMadewell Striped Outpost Trench Coat and Whipstitch SaddlebagMadewell Striped Outpost Trench Coat and Whipstitch Saddlebag

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Gucci Donald Duck Horsebit Leather Loafers

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have surely spotted Disney’s beloved Donald Duck making a cameo in Gucci’s current Spring-Summer 2017 collection. Why Donald, you ask? Gucci doesn’t say, but given how eclectic and idiosyncratic Alessandro Michelle has been at Italian luxury house since he took over the design helm, is it really any surprise?

Appearing on a multitude of pieces from the menswear collection, from RTW to bags and accessories, it is this pair of Horsebit leather loafers that takes the cake, with a pair of appliqués on either shoe, one of a lobster, the other of Donald Duck. Why this unusual combination? Nobody really knows, but the truth of the matter is this. Your inner kid will rejoice at the opportunity to relive those childhood days, while your adult mature self will appreciate a pair of functional working shoes that comes complete with a sense of humour.

Priced at SGD2130, it is now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore, along with a selection of other Donald Duck-themed pieces.

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Sofia Richie wears Tommy Jeans Cropped Football Tee ($79.50) and Destroyed Denim Short ($119.50)Sofia Richie wears Tommy Jeans Cropped Football Tee ($79.50) and Destroyed Denim Short ($119.50)

After starring in Tommy Jeans’ campaign earlier this year, Sofia Richie returns for the spring 2017 campaign from the Hilfiger Denim brand. The daughter of Lionel Richie poses alongside Anwar Hadid and Lucky Blue Smith for the images. The trio were photographed in Los Angeles by Bryant Eslava. The Tommy Jeans capsule collection features 90’s inspired designs ranging from mesh basketball tees to ripped denim and pastel colored jeans.

“The Tommy Jeans capsule is about mixing our legacy of the 90s and the most iconic pieces of our archives with new influences from pop culture today,” says Tommy Hilfiger. “Lucky Blue Smith, Anwar Hadid and Sofia Richie represent the young and rebellious spirit of the campaign, and give a renewed touch to the denim of the collection.”


Social media star Sofia Richie wears Tommy Jeans Pastel Denim Jacket ($199.50) and Pastel Denim Short ($99.50)Social media star Sofia Richie wears Tommy Jeans Pastel Denim Jacket ($199.50) and Pastel Denim Short ($99.50)Sofia Richie wears Tommy Jeans Basketball Dress $119.50Sofia Richie wears Tommy Jeans Basketball Dress $119.50Sofia Richie models Tommy Jeans Cropped Football Tee ($79.50) and Destroyed Denim Short ($119.50)Sofia Richie models Tommy Jeans Cropped Football Tee ($79.50) and Destroyed Denim Short ($119.50)Tommy Jeans Pastel Denim Jacket ($199.50), Flag Tee ($49.50) and Pastel Denim Short ($99.50)Tommy Jeans Pastel Denim Jacket ($199.50), Flag Tee ($49.50) and Pastel Denim Short ($99.50)

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