I Really Love Kylie Jenner’s Givenchy Antigona

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Kylie Jenner Givenchy Antigona

I know, I know–so many of you don’t want to hear anything else about the Kardashians. But I’m not here to gossip about them, I’m here to share a bag I spotted on Kylie Jenner’sInstagram page that I fell in love with, and I just now found it available for sale online.

The Givenchy Antigona is seasons old by now, but the style continues to be a favorite for plenty of fashion lovers, including yours truly. A couple months ago, I bought myself a pale pink Antigona and I still adore the bag; it’s so girly, which is not always my style, but I kind of love having something different than my norm. I reviewed the bag and found quite a few areas that I think could be fixed, but because I love the look of the bag so much, I find myself checking out retailers’ newest arrivals to see the latest versions of the bag.

Givenchy Antigona Tan Orange Black

A couple weeks go, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie, posted a picture on Instagram of an Antigona riding shotgun in her car. I immediately fell in love with the color combination.

The main color of this Antigona is tan, but the gussets are black and the shoulder strap and trim details are orange. This trifecta of colors is edgy and stylish; different from so many of the Antigonas I’ve seen and incredibly different from my super-girly version. I don’t love it just because it’s Kylie Jenner’s bag (although let’s just be honest and admit she has an amazing handbag collection), but I can thank Kylie for posting it and leading me to hunt it down.

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