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Get ready for some limited edition handbags. Dior has collaborated with the London-based artist Marc Quinn to transfer his skills in hyper-realistic and oil-paintings to the house’s next accessory collection.


The design includes ‘Fossil Record’, which has been embedded on the classic Lady Dior Bag. The beautiful silver leather mixed with floral motifs is truly eye-catching; it represents ‘flowers forever’ in full bloom and it’s like an iconic meets art.


The other theme is ‘In The night Garden’, which features Lady Dior Bag and other accessories in orchid flowers blooming in fascinating multi colors. These items are truly a statement-maker – beautiful and fabulous.


Another captivating piece is the bright blue iris of an eye, from the series ‘We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars’. It grabs our attention as the word ‘iris’ comes from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’ and the colors represent individuality. In the center, there is a black void of the pupil, which gives a sense of mystery and uncertainty of existence.





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Marc Quinn’s hyperrealist art can now be found on Lady Dior handbags

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Dior by Marc Quinn (2)

Last week, Dior celebrated two important events, the launch of their home label and the opening of their four story London shop. The store is Dior’s largest in all of the UK, and retails ‘women’s and men’s universes, leather accessories, jewelry, timepieces, the children’s collections and Baby Dior, with the exclusive addition of the first Dior HOME.’ To celebrate this milestone store opening, Dior will unveil a limited-edition selection of iconic Lady Dior bags and small leather accessories that have been reimagined by the artist Marc Quinn.

Quinn has breathed a new life into iconic Dior pieces by transposing his hyper real artwork onto the French brand’s classic handbags. The artist’s well known works make Dior’s bags into dramatic accessories.

Dior by Marc Quinn1
The Lady Dior “Fossil Record” bag. The floral motifs represent flowers that are eternally trapped in a state of perfect full bloom. The concept references the desire of man to totally control nature.

Dior by Marc Quinn (3)
Bags with a bright blue iris from Quinn’s series ‘We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars’. Quinn stated that “the word ‘iris’ comes from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’, and the colors celebrate individuality.” He added “In the middle, there’s the black void of the pupil, which recalls the mystery and uncertainty of existence.”

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The collection also includes small leather goods. This piece features an orchid from the collection, “In the Night Garden.”

The colors of the flower and background are reversed on the other side of the same card holder.

There’s a lot to love and admire in this collection if you’re a fan of either Quinn or Dior. We don’t know how many pieces each item in the collection is limited to, but we do know that every item is sure to sell out quickly.

Artist collaborations seem to be popular these days. Not long ago, Jeff Koons created some stylish phone cases for Google.

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Marc Jacobs Mini Mischief Shoulder Bag in Red
Size: 5′ x 6.5′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $1,773 USD or €1,350 EUR via MyTheresa

The Marc Jacobs Mini Mischief Shoulder Bag is totally a winner when it comes to structure and functionality. It is really spot-on! With its high-sheen finish (thanks to its flawless patent leather exterior), expect this baby to shine like never before!

The bag has a twist-lock design detailed with antique silver-tone hardware – very chic yet edgy in all its metal glory! Also, the piece comes with a detachable shoulder strap, giving you more options as to how you should wear it (on your hands, as a crossbody or over your shoulders). Very versatile indeed!

It has suede lining, and inside, a slot pocket and hand-held mirror can be found (which is very useful for instant touch-ups). This mini stunner never runs out of surprises, in spite of its teeny package!

You can get your very own Marc Jacobs Mini Mischief Shoulder Bag via MyTheresa and Ssense.





Marc Jacobs Mini Mischief Shoulder Bag in Black
Size: 5′ x 6.5′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $1,500 USD via Ssense


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The ‘trouble’ is the new classic… with its sleek angular box shape and perfectly round closure. It has the appearance that every woman loves – timeless and elegant.

For those that are addicted to small bags, well… take a look at Marc Jacobs Mini Trouble Shoulder Bag. You can literally pick your favorite taste – in pink suede, yellow suede or normal leather if you like. It’s also available in exotic leathers.

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But the most inviting is the Mini Trouble Quilted Bag. It’s like a luxury gift – instead of a round-shaped closure, it’s designed with a bow. (you know, the same you use when packing gifts). The Quilted Trouble is available in all the colors you love… and they’re shining like a star.

Basically, the Quilted version is inspired by the sophisticated lady bags of the 1960’s. A true glam!

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Bag of the Week: Marc by Marc Jacobs In The Grain Satchel

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Marc by Marc Jacobs In The Grain Satchel

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs In The Grain Satchel

Price: $560 via Neiman Marcus

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Marc by Marc Jacobs is in the middle of an image revamp, and as a result, the bags are starting to skew noticeably more sleek and sophisticated than they have in recent seasons. Luckily, they’re still just as affordable as ever.

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2015 Latest New Marc Jacobs Resort Collection Preview

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Last year, after Marc Jacobs left the brand of Louis Vuitton which he was worked for 16 years, and he take full attention to his own brand – The Marc Jacobs. And in the upcoming 2015 Spring Summer time,Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 launch a set of beautiful collection of party dresses and elegant.

Look at those new 2015 Marc Jacobs resort collection, the party dresses with a touch of glamours and fashionable handbag to make you look more elegant. and the casual dress in the 2015 resort collection, they were features red casual outsole and also with polka dot theme. Take full view about the Marc Jacobs resort 2015 and tell us what you think about it? Or you like Louis Vuitton resort 2015

 Marc-Jacobs-Resort-Spring-2015 Marc-Jacobs-Resort-Bag-2015

 Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 New Collection

Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 New Collection

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